Devon Breedplan

Devon Cattle Breeders Society of Australia.

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DEVON BREEDPLAN is seen by the Australian Society as essential for the future of the breed. The 2005 DEVON Sire and Dam Summary, produced by the National Beef Recording Scheme at the University of New England at Armidale, NSW, Australia from information supplied by participating herds, is now available online at Breedplan. BREEDPLAN produces Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for cattle for a range of important production traits. Many animals now also have carcase information as well. It is now an invaluable tool in the selection of animals which would suite particular management situations and a guide as to the genetic direction of the breed and the various herds.

Efforts are currently underway to encourage as many breeders as possible to record their calves. Also, at the 2004 World Devon Congress in the US, major breeders in all Devon breeding countries in the world agreed to work together to instigate a program of international co operation to identify the best performing animals in all countries and make them available for widespread use. The 2005 run of DEVON BREEDPLAN includes information from New Zealand and some US herds so we are well on our way to producing a truly international genetic evaluation.

If you are new to the concept of BREEDPLAN, the following tip sheets may be helpful to you BREEDPLAN – The Traits Explained and Interpreting BREEDPLAN EBVs